Schitt's Creek & Unconditional Love

I can barely see what I am typing right now because I am still sobbing from finishing the sitcom series, Schitt’s Creek.

If you have watched it you understand the emotions I am experiencing and if you have not watched it, I highly recommend (really insist) that you watch every episode as soon as you can.

There are so many beautiful aspects of the show that I could write about and reflect on, but right now I am overwhelmed by the love that this show reflects. In every character, experience, and piece of humor that takes place throughout the show, love is at the center of it all. Love for humans and simply love for people as people.

One concept I have been struggling with for a while now is unconditional love. I have not only struggled with the meaning of it, but also seeing it lived out in the people around me and in the world as a whole. In addition, experiencing it myself and learning how to show others that kind of love.

Unconditional is defined as “not subject to any conditions.”

Wow. This show exudes that definition in every aspect and in every character.

Looking at all the characters on this show, not one of them is the same. But the way they unconditionally love and respect each other is one of the most beautiful forms of love that I have seen on TV, and in general, in a long time.

In my experience being a Christian, I have been taught one very specific definition and way of showing unconditional love. In many ways, it is the opposite of unconditional love and is very much so subject to the conditions of a box that religion puts around people.

I have been trying to understand and wrap my head around unconditional love and this show depicts that love in a profound way without even outright saying those words. Each character sees each other and moves into relationships in a way that welcomes belonging and creates a space for people to be themselves.

This is all done while living in the day to day normalcies of life. Where each character is given the freedom and space to learn about themselves and grow into the people they have always dreamed about becoming or the people they did not know they could be. They are in a place that is free from the conditions that have been set saying that love is one way and one way only. Therefore, they are free to experience that unconditional love from people who see them, know them, accept them, and love them regardless of any condition. This love is reflected in not only romantic relationships, but in friendship after friendship as well.

So, what would it look like to love in a way that is not subject to any conditions? Well, I think it would look a lot like Schitt’s Creek.