Recently, I started working in a lab in Richmond and helping with COVID-19 testing. I am getting to work with my sister and best friend while also getting to meet many new people.

As tiring, and rather boring, the job itself can be sometimes, I have laughed with people more than I have in months. This is a full-time work environment and in many ways it is bringing me back to the beauty of humanity and the fun and joy that can come from the mundane.

A word that I have been thinking over the past couple of months, and what I chose to name this blog, is ‘resolve’. When looking at the definitions of this word, two in particular stick out. The first being “a firm determination to do something” and the second being “to turn into a different form when seen more clearly.”

This word is something I deeply want to grow in each day. In my new job I am surrounded by people who are living out both definitions in many different ways. I see men and women in their mid-years who have had years of experience resolving, those in their twenties who are learning what it means to resolve, and those in their first couple years of college that may not even know they are learning to resolve.

My boss is someone who I have already learned many skills from in the short time I have been working at the lab. She lives out the meaning of resolve in a clear, yet subtle, way. She is the operations manager and is intelligent, direct, kind, determined, and witty. She is probably one of the funniest people I work with, but I have to be alert if I want to pick up on her humor. I love that she is not afraid to confront others, but does so with respect and is never rude or demeaning to those she is talking to. There could be a huge problem going on in the lab and she handles it in a confident and calm way so that those who do not need to know about it, do not know about it.

One of the first aspects I recognized about working here is that there is a standard of working together. My boss automatically set that expectation from the minute I walked in. I was put to work where help was needed and when I finished a task, there was always another area I could step into and help out. It is clear that she has a determination to create a work environment where everyone, even those that piss us off, are a part of the team and, together, we will get the job done.

I don’t know her whole story, where she came from, the struggles she faced, how she got to where she is now, but I can see her firm determination in the way she carries herself and runs the operations aspect of the workplace.

In addition, she is quick to give others the benefit of the doubt even when she knows she is right. It is clear she looks at the whole situation and the whole person in whatever circumstance. She then lets the situations play out so everything can be seen more clearly.

My boss kicks ass in so many ways and has shown me how to live a daily life of resolve in the workplace. She has shown me how setting my mind on something and working firmly to accomplish the goal exudes strong results. She has reflected what is means to look more clearly at people and situations and turn a situation around for the better.

It has only been three weeks and I can’t imagine what more I will learn from her.