I was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia with a love for the smell of new and old restaurants filled with different types of cuisine, walks in the city at day or night, eating at worn in cafés with friends, reading while drops of rain hit the window, flowers blooming everywhere in the spring filling the air with a soft fragrance, the beauty of the mountains, and the details on the ceilings, walls, and floors of old buildings that often get overlooked. Richmond has held many seasons of life over the past twenty-two years, but I have always felt a pull to live somewhere new. This brings me to now. I recently graduated college and can choose to go anywhere - I chose Portland, Oregon.


My years in college gave me a new perspective on the world and how much of our life is a choice. As I grew in confidence and stepped into how I am wired, I realized I had a choice to make about staying in a place I have always known and feeling suffocated or choosing newness with the hope of fresh air in my lungs. As I sat and told the women in my life that they are immeasurably valuable and worthy, I needed to believe and live those words for myself. I am passionate about not settling for the known when there is a pull in me for the new and unknown. For me to live with the value and worth I know I have, meant saying bye to the life I have always known and moving in the direction of an adventure I have always craved.

For many years, I have found myself deep in the words of various writers, authors, and journalists. I love reading about people's stories and learning the power behind each individual one. Reading the words of well-known people in places of immense influence and the words of everyday people like myself, I learned how to hope, embrace my own story, and stand firm in my identity. The words we use have immense power to build up and tear down. I believe we all have immeasurable value and something powerful to contribute to this world.​ My hope is that this space gives others the freedom to embrace our humanity and live authentically, empowers others to share their thoughts, opinions, and stories without fear of displeasing others, and motivates others to turn their dreams into reality.


The word 'RESOLVE' came up a few times when I was reading different works from various writers and two of the definitions stuck with me. The first being, "a firm determination toward action" and the second being, "to turn into a different form when seen more clearly." These definitions put words to how I want to continually live my life. I want to live with a firm determination to work hard and live out my dreams and passions while reminding others of their worth and value. I also want to be someone who looks at aspects of my life and continues to grow and evolve as I learn more and see the world around me more clearly. I want to acknowledge the broken aspects of this world, not live in ignorance, and bring reality with hope to the world around me.